Cazenove Capital continues to support Kew Gardens’ iconic Orchid festival

Princess of Wales Conservatory: Saturday 3 February – Sunday 3 March 2024

Bromeliads on display as part of the Orchid festival. (c) RBG Kew.-cropped
  • 2024 will be the 28th year of the iconic Orchid festival.
  • The festival will draw inspiration from Madagascar, where RBG Kew has had its Conservation Centre since 1986.
  • Horticultural displays and living plant sculptures throughout the Princess of Wales Conservatory.
  • £1 entry for recipients of Universal Credit, Pension Credit and Legacy Benefits.
  • Supported by Cazenove Capital.

Cazenove Capital is delighted to announce its continued partnership with Kew Gardens’ much-loved annual Orchid festival, returning to the Princess of Wales Conservatory on 3 February 2024. This will be the 28th year of the iconic Orchid festival and for 2024 the event will take inspiration from the tropical flora and fauna of Madagascar where the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, has been working since 1986.

The Princess of Wales Conservatory will be transformed to showcase a series of stunning horticultural displays and living sculptures which celebrate the world’s fourth largest island. With ten different display zones, the festival will replicate the unique biodiversity of Madagascar, all under one roof. The Orchid festival is a fantastic opportunity to brighten up the winter months with its colourful and vivacious displays.

Mary-Anne Daly, Chief Executive, Cazenove Capital, commented:

“We are delighted to support the invaluable work of Kew Gardens' leading scientists through our continued sponsorship of Kew's extraordinary Orchid festival. Kew is home to one of the largest botanical collections in the world and supporting its research into biodiversity reflects our firm’s commitment to protecting the environment and finding nature-based solutions to climate change. I look forward to seeing what promises to be a unique display in the Princess of Wales Conservatory in early 2024.”

Solene Dequiret, Supervisor of the Princess of Wales Conservatory, RBG Kew, commented:

“It’s always rewarding for the team to plan, design and install the Orchid festival each year and for 2024 it’s wonderful to be able to draw inspiration from the incredible plant and animal life of Madagascar - an ecosystem like nowhere else on Earth. Telling the story of this incredible island nation through horticultural displays will also allow us to shine a light on the critical efforts of the team based at Kew’s Madagascar Conservation Centre, who work hard every day to conserve and protect the biodiversity of this unique environment.”


Solene, Supervisor of the Princess of Wales Conservatory, RBG Kew, helping at Orchid festival 2022.

Kew’s world-leading research and conservation work

RBG Kew has been working in Madagascar since 1986, and today has 40 researchers based at our third research site, the Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre, where they are working with Malagasy partners and communities to protect the island’s unique floral biodiversity. Home to an array of landscapes, from vast grasslands to tropical forests and deserts, the ecosystems found on Madagascar support a wide range of endemic plants and wildlife species which are found nowhere else on earth.

Today, the megadiverse flora and fauna of Madagascar is critically threatened and under increasing pressure. As part of Kew’s ongoing work in Madagascar, our team of Malagasy scientists, students and support staff work with collaborators, local partners, and communities across the island to safeguard rare plant species, protect natural habitats, improve livelihoods and increase food security, with the overall aim of conserving the ecology of this unique island for generations to come.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is dedicated to harnessing the power of plants and fungi to end the extinction crisis and secure a future for all life on Earth. With Kew’s world-leading research, global partnerships and beloved gardens – home to the world’s most diverse collections of plants and fungi – Kew is using its trusted voice to shape policy and practice worldwide. As a charity Kew relies on the critical support of its visitors, not only to sustain the gardens, but to protect global plant and fungal biodiversity for the benefit of our planet and humanity.

Investing for a nature-positive future

Cazenove Capital is committed to accelerating a nature-positive future. As stewards of our investors’ capital we believe we have a duty to not only preserve our natural capital, but restore and enhance it. Our support of the Orchid festival for 2024 aligns with our sustainable and ESG-focused investment offering, as well as Schrodersi Plan for Nature.

Our sustainable funds have a carbon footprint 50% lower than that of the market1 and the collective underlying investments are estimated to have avoided 196,179 tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere over the course of 20222, through the provision of clean energy and waste and water treatment. To further improve our flagship sustainable funds’ planetary impact, every year we offset the carbon emissions. We buy carbon credits from environmental projects across the world, with a focus on reforestation and conservation of biodiverse forests. The cost of the projects is paid for by Cazenove Capital and no charge is passed on to investors.

Details of the carbon credits purchased and projects supported can be seen at

Note to Editors

Orchids admission:     

  • Entry to Orchids is included when purchasing a ticket to Kew Gardens.
  • The best value tickets can be booked in advance via
  • Visitors must book separate timed entry slots for Orchids 2024.


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1 Source: MSCI based on scope 1 & 2 emissions of the equities in the Cazenove Charities Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund, Cazenove Sustainable Growth Fund and Cazenove Sustainable Balanced Fund, compared to the MSCI All Countries World Index.

2 Data provided by net purpose based on the holdings as at the 31st December 2022. See our impact report for further details.

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About Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is a world-famous scientific organisation, internationally respected for its outstanding collections and scientific expertise in plant and fungal diversity, conservation, and sustainable development in the UK and around the globe. Kew’s scientists and partners lead the way in the fight against biodiversity loss and finding nature-based solutions to the climate crisis, aided by five key scientific priorities outlined in Kew’s Science Strategy 2021-2025. Kew Gardens is also a major international and top London visitor attraction. Kew’s 132 hectares of historic, landscaped gardens, and Wakehurst, Kew’s Wild Botanic Garden and ‘living laboratory’, attract over 2.5 million visits every year. Kew Gardens was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2003 and celebrated its 260th anniversary in 2019. Wakehurst is home to the Millennium Seed Bank, the largest wild plant seed bank in the world and a safeguard against the disastrous effects of climate change and biodiversity loss. RBG Kew received approximately one third of its funding from Government through the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and research councils. Further funding needed to support RBG Kew’s vital scientific and educational work comes from donors, memberships and commercial activity including ticket sales. For tickets, please visit In the first six months since implementing a new accessibility scheme for those in receipt of Universal Credit, Pension Credit and Legacy Benefits, Kew has welcomed over 45,000 visitors with £1 tickets.

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