Cazenove Capital selected by mission-led investors to manage sustainable investment mandate


Cazenove Capital has been awarded a £33.5 million investment mandate from three charities after an ‘ESG investing olympics’ competition.

The charities - Friends Provident Foundation, the Joffe Charitable Trust, and the Blagrave Trust - will become cornerstone investors in a new best-in-class multi-asset sustainability fund – the Cazenove Sustainable Growth Fund.

Held earlier this year, the olympics competition was a first of its kind open tender. Its key instruction for would-be investment managers was to impress the charitable foundations with their social and environmental integration, as well as their impact investing solutions.

In total, 60 proposals were received from a wide range of managers, with five invited to present to an auditorium of mission-led investors, including charities and religious organisations, at the Royal Institution in London in March 2020. The five ranged from boutique impact managers to large investment houses.

The proposals were assessed for intentional social and environmental impact and high standards of ESG integration, encompassing exclusion, engagement and its escalation, voting record, in-house expertise, and impact reporting.

The Cazenove Sustainable Growth Fund is an innovative multi-asset fund that will launch later this year.  Investors will be able to maximise the positive impact of their wealth on people and the planet whilst targeting attractive financial returns. The fund will invest across a broad range of assets such as sustainable business, development, renewable energy and social housing, combining intention with action to generate real and measurable positive impact.

Kate Rogers, Co-Head of Charities, Cazenove Capital, commented:

“We are thrilled to be selected by these leading purpose-led investors. Together we are committed to investing for a better future. The ‘ESG investing olympics’ set an amazing example of collaboration and transparency, breaking new ground in sustainable investing.  We look forward to continuing in this spirit, working with the charities to use their investments for good and developing best practice in impact investing.

“Our innovative multi-asset fund, launching in December, has a clear intention to generate both a competitive financial return and a positive impact on people and the planet.  Available to charities and individual investors, the Cazenove Sustainable Growth Fund will have a carbon footprint of less than half of the global equity index and will generate five times the social impact.”

Colin Baines, Investment Engagement Manager at Friends Provident Foundation, said:

“We are delighted to announce Cazenove Capital as the winner of the ‘ESG investing olympics’ and look forward to becoming the cornerstone investors in a new best in class multi-asset class ESG fund. Our trustees were torn between choosing an ‘evolving incumbent’ or a ‘new disruptor’ and decided on the former. We were impressed with Cazenove Capital’s proposal, which meets our new, challenging, investment policies, was well received by attendees in March, and offers the potential to achieve scale and influence the wider market.”

 “In the spirit of the ESG olympics, which set out to bring investment management out of the shadows and send a clear market signal for higher ESG standards, we will work with Cazenove Capital to continually raise market standards and best practice, and will regularly report on our experience.”

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