Your wealth is your future

We understand the impact your wealth has today, and for generations to come. That’s why we work with you to make sure your investments can create the future you want. We listen to you and build our service around your purpose.

We are still largely owned by the Schroder family, who founded the company over 200 years ago. We put stability, independence of thought and our exceptional investment reach at the service of entrepreneurs, professionals, families and charities across the globe.

Your wealth. Your way.



As a long-established wealth manager with a focus on preserving and growing our clients’ wealth, what matters most to our clients, matters most to us. 

We provide a complete wealth management service to high net worth clients, family offices, and financial advisers. We are also one of the leading charity fund managers in the UK.


Our services help clients prepare for a successful future, wherever they are in the world.



We are a global business managed locally. In the UK and Channel Islands you’ll know us as Cazenove Capital. In the rest of the world we operate as Schroders Wealth Management.


As long-term stewards of our clients’ capital we have been helping clients to align their sustainability objectives with their investments for over 15 years. Discover how we can help you to ensure your wealth reflects your values.

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We have offices in a number of locations globally. To discuss your wealth management requirements and the services available in your location, please contact us.