Wealth Management from Schroders

Our clients have trusted us to help them plan for the future for two centuries. We invest the time to build a deep understanding of their unique circumstances and ambitions, focusing on what matters most to them.

For some of our clients that means their retirement, for others it's navigating the financial complexities of international living. But wherever they are, and whatever they need, we’ll always go the extra mile.

Your future, our focus


As a long-established wealth manager with an absolute focus on preserving and growing our clients’ wealth, what matters most to our clients, matters most to us. 

We provide a complete wealth management service to high net worth clients, family offices, and financial advisers and we are one of the leading charity fund managers in the UK.


Wherever they are in the world, our services help clients prepare for a successful future. 



We are a global business managed locally. In the United Kingdom and Channel Islands you’ll know us as Cazenove Capital, whilst in the rest of the world we operate as Schroders Wealth Management.


As long-term stewards of our clients’ capital we have been helping clients to align their sustainability objectives with their investments for over 15 years. Discover how we can help you to ensure your wealth reflects your values.

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We have offices in a number of locations globally. To discuss your wealth management requirements and the services available in your location, please contact us.